Karen's newest book "Playing with Hidden Treasures at Home, Games and Activities for Children and Teens,"   They can have fun playing these games and learn skills at the same time.


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 UPCOMING TV SERIES - "Jack Wentworth- The Real Belt," an adaptation of Author Karen Ward-Wilder's book.

 Jack Wentworth (The Real Belt)

To survive the excruciating, tormenting pain from Ryan pounding on my head, I know the only way to fight, it to write the best story of my life. I am Jack Wentworth a fourteen year old, eighth grader at Tillon Middle School located in upstate New York.


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 "I am greatly appreciative to Karen Ward-Wilder for the professional expertise she afforded me in the development and publishing of my first book, "My Journey's Bread."  I found her contributions to be I invaluable and cost saving." - (Author Rev. Darryl W. K. Boone-) Founder/Director- African Mission Outreach


I really wish I had a book like this when I was in school, as I can relate to so much of it. It's All About School is written in a very unique and poetic style, which makes it more enjoyable to read. After this first part of the book, there is a very extensive section in which educators are interviewed in order to get their thoughts on a multitude of topics that impact students, such as bullying, violence and gangs, employment and more. There is a section following that which gives a voice to students, getting their perspective on the problems they face at school.

I really liked the extensive content of this book, especially how it was organized so as to include comments from both educators and students in the second part of the book. I would recommend this book to all students, parents, and educators. ~ Amazon LJ