Time to Reflect- Bring more Joy in your Home

What a time in America. What a time around the world. So much uncertainty regarding the basic level of functioning, of natural survival.

Lots of jobs, decrease in work hours, feeling claustrophobic by working from home, so many thoughts and realities.

Trying to breathe daily wearing a face mask. If you are a essential worker, which people are, you precalculate wearing a mask for eight or more hours.

Now is not the time to feel helpless and hopeless. Now is not the time to give up, and lose focus. Now is the time to concentrate on how to make the next day better, and the next day.

Feeling closed in in your home? Get out in even if it is to go in your backyard and sit in a lounge chair sipping on tea. Plant a garden outside. It does not cost much for a package of veggie seeds.

Want to smile, and put a smile on your kids face? Get a copy of my FREE Ebook “Playing with Hidden Treasures at Home, Games and Activities for Children and Teens.” You do not have to spend any money, and I created the games from items that can be found right inside of your home.

Try playing one or two games a day. Let the laughter begin or continue…

Are you an adult with no young children in your home? You can still have fun playing the games. Some adults have already shared with me their excitement in doing something different from their regular routine, and played one or two of the games. You can download my listed Ebook FREE on Amazon. If you do not speak English but Spanish, the book is also written in Spanish.

As the world transitions daily, as you focus and write down your daily life goals, and in your goals to have some fun. Much laughter can bring much Joy.

Here is the book link for my FREE Ebook in English on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Playing-Hidden-Treasures-Activities-Children-ebook/dp/B086WF3635

Here is the book link for my FREE Ebook in Spanish on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Jugando-Tesoros-Ocultos-Casa-Spanish-ebook/dp/B086WMCHVS

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A Time to Reflect- A Time to Live and Have Fun…


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