There’s Always Hope

Wearing a face mask each day can bring about the thought that life is more complicated than it was a year ago. With the reality of the virus throughout the world, has shaken the world in many ways.

Some families are not sure of where their next meal may come from, people who are sick are uncertain if there are enough medical staff to care for their health needs.

People are just sick and tired of being asked, requested, and some confined, inside of the their homes. Day after day, thoughts flow of when will the land be healed of this virus. When will people hearts become filled with not just some laughter, but an overflow of laughter and joy.

People are praying and mediating like never before. There is fear of the unknown, in the air. There is also hope that this season, this temporary life style, will transform into a renewed life style. As people find their own individual, and family strength, inside the heart of each person, there can and will always be hope. Believe.

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