Playing With Hidden Treasures at Home, Games and Activities for Children and Teens

TOPICS: Skills children can learn: Concentration, Team Building, Counting, Creativitiy.

Families can have fun playing these games and activities. Kids can even learn new skills while having fun. All of the games can be played with household items right from home.  Time to have fun, and enjoy laughter.

Jack Wentworth: The Real Belt– Upcoming TV Series

TOPICS:  Bullying, Race Relations, Building Self-Esteem

Fourteen year-old-Jack Wentworth endures almost daily the pains and scars from the beatings of Ryan, the school bully. Jack’s life starts to change when he meets the mysterious homeless old man in the community library, and as he writes his own mystical story for his writing class at school. Known as being nerdy, Jack starts to discover who really he is, and he soon creates a story  which transforms his own life.


It’s All About School
TOPICS:  Bullying, Building Self-Esteem, Decrease School Dropout Rate

BESTSELLING  (In 2019) “It’s All About School,” is a book and manual-in-one, geared to inspire middle and high school students to graduate from school. It consist of educational topics, advice from educators, comments from youth, a reflection section, inspirational poems, and the inside graphics were drawn by youth. Some of the topics include subjects such as bullying, developing positive self-esteem, and many more educational topics for productive discussions.


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