“Jack Wentworth- The Real Belt,”

We are so excited that Karen’s new book “Jack Wentworth- The Real Belt,” will be an upcoming tv series.  Our team is going forth in making this educational, youth and family oriented tv series a reality. We would greatly appreciate your donation. There are also great perks. We thank you in advance. “Jack Wentworth- The Real Belt,” will be a TV series that will bring awareness and education to youth regarding topics of bullying, race relations and building self-esteem.

Why Should You Give?
Many youth feel ashamed to let their parents and even friends know of the sometime horrific acts they are experiencing from being bullied.  As statistics shows (stopbullying.gov) over one out of five youth are being bullied in the U.S.  This includes a high 28%, 1 out of 5 youth in grades 6-12. A higher number of 30% of youth admitted to bullying others.

Bullying including cyber-bullying tears down the youth, which often results in youth feeling depressed, isolation and skipping school.   This upcoming TV series “Jack Wentworth- The Real Belt,” which focuses on the topics of bullying and race relations; can be a visual, media tool to help encourage and build up youth as they watch it together with their family or teachers in school.  The educational, messages can also help youth who are bullying others, see the harm they are projecting on others; and through discussions, obtain the      help they need to deter bullying behaviors. Bullying not only occurs in the United States, it also occurs throughout the world.  Your donation can have a great impact in helping to make a difference in strengthening our youth.

We need funding for the” Making of a Pilot episode” production which includes Editor, Producer, Production Team, Cast (Youth & Adults), Set-Up Crew, Props, Design, and Marketing.

The first audition was held in December 2018. A second audition will be held in February 2019, and plans for a third audition in August 2019. *(UPDATE: Our team would like to keep you updated- The auditions in December 2018 and also February 2019 went well; and a third as listed, to be in August 2019. We are currently in the process of raising donations (GO FUND ME) for the upcoming TV Series Pilot Episode.  Please return to website for updates.)

In September / October 2019- Cast and additional crew staff selected- for the “Making of a Pilot episode,” production. *(UPDATED)

October, November and December 2019- production of the “Making of a Pilot episode.”  *(UPDATED)- Note: Further production after the raising fund process phase
December 2019 – Production of Pilot- One episode, also shopping to major networks for “Jack Wentworth- The Real Belt.” (January 2020)

*UPDATE: 2020– At this time, upcoming filmmaker Karen Ward-Wilder and team are in the process of raising funds for the upcoming TV Series.  Additional updates will be listed in February/March 2020. Look for updates. We thank you for your continual support.

Book Cover Karen Ward-Wilder (Jack Wentworth)

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