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    (Keep The Joy In Our Youth Life)
    Bestselling Author Karen Ward-Wilder
    It is the month of May. The weather has warmed up and snow has melted in particularly the Northern areas. The sun rays are finally out and bringing light to many areas. Parents are preparing for their children’s proms and upcoming high school graduations. A new journey for students entering college or other choice career the youth may have decided to pursue.
    There is still the middle and high school student who have not graduated yet, still wondering how they are going to make it through another challenging school year. Their voice may be quiet to their parents, and even friends; although these thoughts still linger in their minds. Many children who are being bullied in school and even in the community, find it difficult to share with others about what is occurring in their lives. They may feel embarrassed to say someone it hitting them, calling them demeaning offensive words, mentally harassing them on social media, known as cyber bullying. The youth usually isolates themselves instead of letting others know they are in need of help and support. It does not matter the youth color, ethnic group, or economic background, many youth are being bullied on a regular basis.
    If you noticed that your child’s behavior has changed in the manner of isolation, feeling down or depressed, get immediate help for your child or children. Several children in the household can be bullied. Talk to the school counselor, or a community organization counselor. There are many community organizations that provide free youth and family counseling. Check with school officials first if the bullying is occurring at your child’s school. Contact your community local authorities if cyber bullying is occurring. Many communities have a local neighborhood support network which can provide additional assistance and services for your child. As you obtain support services for your child or children, check into additional support that can help build up your child’s self-esteem. Find out what is your child’s passion. Does your child enjoy playing sports, chess, writing music lyrics, drawing, dancing, singing, acting, playing a instrument? These types of activities can build up confidence in a child. Try to spend a certain day of the week with your child. During this day, find creative ways to increase verbal communication. Take your child out, one-on- one, to get ice cream and during this time have a conversation allowing your child to share what is occurring in their life. If you have more than one child, alternate days so the other children do not fell left out. Another idea, is to have one day out of the week as a family book fun day, in which you and your children read chapters of a book, dealing with bullying. Have an open discussion. Set ground rules in advance so the other children do not laugh at comments made when it is time for children to discuss what they read. Leave it open to your child on whether or not they want to discuss book. It may take a little while for them to warm up and feel comfortable. Read one to two chapters of the book a week. With each child having their own book copy, they can refer to book during their leisure time. Have popcorn, or healthy fruit snacks during this fun and educational time. As you as a parent continually work to provide supportive services, and engaging activities with your children, before you know it, your child’s self-esteem and increased self-worth will grow; and it will be time for your children to go off to college or their desired career in a healthy, confident manner.
    *Note: My new book “Jack Wentworth- The Real Belt,” is an excellent book to read with your middle and high school children. It is also a great educational tool for teachers and school officials.
    * Whether you obtain my above listed book, or another book which focuses on bullying and building self-worth, take the time to spend quality time with your child. Keep the joy and sun rays in your child’s life…

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