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About Karen

Bestselling Author Karen Ward-Wilder passion for writing sparked in college while taking a creative writing course at North Carolina  Agricultural & Technical State University, and pursuing a degree in Psychology.

Karen utilized her Psychology degree, working for over seventeen years with at-risk youth and families providing counseling, mediation, job coaching and mentoring services. She also has over seventeen years as a certified Mediator, and has mediated thousands of sessions involving PINS-Persons In Need of Supervision, JD- Juvenile Delinquents, Parent and Youth, Youth to Youth conflicts at schools and in communities, Neighbor to Neighbor, Landlord and Tenants mediation and more.

With a undeniable passion to write, Karen intertwined her passion of counseling and writing; in developing her three books, “The King’s Men,” “It’s All About School,”  and her new book, "Jack Wentworth-The Real Belt," which is a six-part book series.  Karen also taught a course on self-publishing entitled "Basic Steps To Develop Your First Book." She has helped numerous participants become self-published authors. 

Karen has organized, secured sponsors, as well as provided finances to  present several “Youth Book Give-A-Ways,” of book “It’s All About School, ” and even her most recent book "Jack Wentworth- The Real Belt." Thousands of middle and high school students received a complimentary copy of these educational books in the Rochester, NY area.

Karen has also organized a "Youth Summer of Educational Thoughts" event, which featured the former World Light Welterweight Boxing Champion Charles Murray.    

Karen has over sixteen years of experience in public speaking & relations, marketing, and promotion.  As a speaker, Karen has shared educational and enlightening information about her writings at numerous events nationally and internationally; including the historical Medgar Evers College in Brooklyn, NY, events in Dallas and Houston TX, to name a few locations.  She has appeared on numerous tv show and in various newspapers.  

While on a twelve-day educational tour with the Students In Africa organization, to Ghana and Senegal, West Africa; Karen was , inspired to write a dramatic skit during the tour, entitled "Freedom In The Motherland."  This educational skit was performed in Ghana, West Africa, by American and West African actors, actresses, and musicians.  Karen can still hear the authentic beating of the drums...

To acknowledge the great works of others, Karen has written articles about various influential people, in several newspapers and magazines; including the Minority Reporter newspaper.  The articles written highlighted Farrah Gray who became an entrepreneur and millionaire at a young age, and Dr. Cedric Alexander, who is the Deputy Mayor of Rochester, NY and contributor to the national tv show CNN.

Karen's desire is to help encourage youth to develop their inner confidence, recognize who they are, value their life, and live a enjoyable and fulling life.  Make the best out of each day...