2020 A Year For Our Youth

2020 is a year of discovery. While adults are wondering what on earth is happening to our earth, our country, our world? Our youth are wondering what is happening to their life daily.

A teen may look mature, but their mind is fragile. Even the intellectual, over achiever, motivated youth, can feel the hardship of feeling alientated, different, helpless, and daily pressures in life including social media, of racism.

That sudden pattern of sickness to get out of bed to go to school, could be a hidden cry for help of being bullied in school. Being does not take place in high school or even middle high, the effects of low self-esteem combined with hate, reflects even in elementary school age children, where these youth who are not even teens, feels the heavy effects of mistreatment.

Social media is making it easy for youth to feel and experience bullying in all forms.  It is time for parents, teachers, youth pastors, the community to stop feeling fearful of our youth because they are using profane language, but to genuinely help, educate and inspire our youth. Help families find community resources, counseling, jobs, and even the basics as food and shelter. As the family dynamic strengthens, and the youth discover "Who They Are," the youth will realize that they were created for greatness, and not to be bullied.

The bully needs help as well to understand why they bully others. As the saying "hurting people, hurt others." This person needs counseling as well.

2020 is the year to firmly strengthen, educate, and inspire our youth from all races, colors, ethnic groups, and gender. This is the year.


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